2 Weeks in the PICU

It’s been 2 weeks in the PICU.

Goodmorning. Just wanted to say thank you I can’t say it enough for all your help & prayers. We had a preacher come the other day to pray over krew to help heal him & give him strength to overcome this 🙁 Iv been by myself since my mom & kash are stuck in the snow in Montana. Just talking to you all helps ease my mind

The MRI showed there is more brain swelling. The x-ray has showed pneumonia stayed the same. He was on a brain scan overnight and it came back no seizures but seizure like body movements, so they put him on seizure medicine every 12 hours. He is on antibiotics and steroids still for the next two weeks. I was able to hold him yesterday and sit on my lap but he was so fragile and just started crying. We have been putting him in PT and OT for about 5 to 10 minutes a day just to move his body in the bed. His eyes are still not tracking he looks really confused is my only way to describe it 🙁 He’s back on oxygen as of last night, it dropped down to the 60s when it should be 100. Also, his resting rate was 6 when it should be between 10 to 25. I have postponed the plasma procedure until Monday again because they say it’s very hard for how little he is and invasive. We are going to watch this weekend to see if his neuro status has increased, & if he’s more awake etc. He is on electrolytes through his IV now, then after we will put him on a low dose of baby formula.

Please put Krew in your prayers. Keep all of the positive energy, healing powers, prayers and lovies coming our way. We need so much right now.

Love always mama chlo

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