Sickness Came Back with a Vengeance

Krew has the same sickness from last year but this time, came back with vengeance.

We arrived last Saturday am from Maui. Transported to PICU in OAHU. This started from a high fever that turned into much more. RSV + strep pneumonia, hemoinfluenza in his blood & brain swelling.

His cerebellum the back of his brain that controls his equilibrium is decreasing.

Described as “normal cerebellum” is a full tree with large branches, but Krew’s is a tree with small twigs.

He’s on a high dose of steroids’ to help the brain inflammation. EEG brain scan came back negative for seizures, but abnormal as shown his brain hasn’t slept in days. The neurologist says he might have a metabolic disease that triggers his whole body to give up and shut down when a fever arises. Pending to do genetic panel testing to figure out the underlying issue because normally when a child has these type of symptoms it doesn’t cause nervous system to shut down this aggressively.

He’s on oxygen at the highest rate because the pneumonia is more surrounded on the side of his heart. A possible liver infection from the medicines so they have inserted a pic line by his heart for faster medication to his little body. He’s on medication to empty any extra fluid in his body. Tested positive to having bacteria in his blood, on the 5th day we will determine if it has grown into meningitis. Krew is our little strong boy we have all the healing energy for you baby boy.

Last time we were here for 7 weeks because of this, however it is worse this time so not sure how long we will be here 🙁 Praying god does his magic on my little man, & brings us home healthy sooner. We’re missing older brother Kash and all our loved ones right now due to us being in isolation. Krew needs all the prayers, love, hugs from afar & to just keep him in your thoughts at all times. My heart hurts so bad for little bubbie & I wish I could take away his pain. I’d do anything to trade places. He feels all your guys love so just wanted to say thank you from bottom of my heart to each & every single one of you. Keep fighting for us Krew Krew

Love mom and brother <3

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