Krew just went into surgery

Krew just went into surgery. Today is his first day for plasma pherisis. This is the next procedure we can do for him. The steroids, IVIG didn’t work over the last 20 days. He will be sedated over the next 10 days, they will do the plasma every other day for 4-6 hours daily, depending on how his body is reacting towards it. We are praying this works as the doctors say they’ve seen drastic changes over the first 2 treatments. & he will need 5.

His neuro exam has shown he hasn’t made as much progress as they would have wanted to see so that’s why we have tried this out. His body tone is still very tense & postured but a little less than before so that’s amazing. His eyes still don’t really move/track but he got his first long night of sleep last night in weeks he looks way more rested. The doctors have a soft spot for krew & are always stopping in on their days off to say hi.

Thank you to everyone checking up on us. 20 days in here feels like a 100 so thank you for making us not feel so alone by all the company & kind words! Love you all! We love you krew, we won’t leave this place until you’re all healed baby boy!!!

Love mom

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